About Birthstone

People born in January are serious. Good at keeping secrets. Caring, thoughtful, and passionate about love. They are persistent and often successful, even if they are progressing slowly. However, because we worry so much, it has a negative impact on our health. Also, like the elderly, they often suffer from ailments such as joint pain, knee pain, and back pain. Therefore, the gemstones believed to aid the wearer's health are those of this zodiac sign.The highly sought after garnet (garnet) is reddish brown, orange and green in color and has consistent meanings. It was firmly believed that anyone with a garnet would protect them from danger, bestow longevity and be a symbol of sexual power.


February people love freedom, love friends, and like to plan for the future. Intelligent and forward-thinking, doing things according to one's own thoughts, like an expression that often doesn't think much about the past. The Zodiac Gem is Amethyst (Amethyst), purple is the Gemstone of Consciousness, which conveys sincerity and sincerity. Amethyst helps heal the mind. Stay calm and strong. It is a talisman that protects you from nightmares and disasters. Helps protect people who travel all the time


March people are sensitive, selfless, and considerate of others. You may like delicate work and have a mysterious nature. March's birthstone is aquamarine, a gemstone that ranges from sea green to deep blue. A masterpiece of perfection. It helps to calm the mind and is considered a lucky gem for sailors and people of the sea. It was believed to be effective in reducing seasickness and accidents My husband gave me this gem. Give it to your wife as a wedding gift to commemorate your marriage. Live long and happy. Aquamarine is therefore a symbol of tranquility and tranquility. In addition to Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Pisces' purple-tinged Amethyst, Jade, and Moonstone.

April The jewel is the diamond, a symbol of victory and success. Possession makes you rich, powerful, and terrifying. Rich life and defeat all enemies Appears to be suitable for beginners Strong Pioneer of Aries Has ambitious leadership and short-tempered personality Impulsive Chief has high self-esteem. But it's easy to make friends with other people.I don't like to sit still like change.I like to find the answers by myself. Transparent white gems (white zircon), such as white zircon, also belong to this sign of the zodiac. Because its white color is still comparable to that of a pure newborn baby.


Is easy to get along with others Has a calm temperament, is difficult to anger, but when angry, very violent Is a family lover, diligent, likes service, is an artist who loves music Have a strong mind. Emerald (Emerald) is the gemstone of May. It is a symbol of fertility, wealth and peace. It is believed to treat dysentery. and as a laxative in the sense of physiology Emerald is a natural mineral that nourishes the eyes. and in the sense of psychic power Emerald promotes vision of the future, and jade (Jade) promotes good health, longevity and prosperous trading.

For Geminis, they have two personalities. If the outside is hard or stubborn. Inside may be very soft. be creative unselfish Has a surprisingly good memory. Alexandrite or “Three Colors” is the main gem of this zodiac sign. It is a gemstone that can change color according to the light that hits it. It is believed to stimulate energy and increase vitality in the wearer In addition, pale white gems or opaque white gems are gems for Gemini as well, including Mukdahan, believed to be possessed by anyone. will make you lucky in love It is a symbol of softness and tenderness. and eliminate evil Protect against evil creatures. Pearls are believed to maintain health and youth. (So ​​it was brought to be consumed) and pearls also characterize grace and purity.


Ruby (Ruby) is the gem of Cancer, derived from the Latin word "Ruber" meaning red, classified as the king or leader of gems. as an ornament of honor There is a strange power within make the wearer experience satisfaction, but it is believed that whoever possesses a ruby ​​will have power hope in love and the marriage will be stable for a long time It can also cure the spleen and liver. Spinelcan be used instead of rubies as well especially the red spinel which, if superficially, is very similar to Ruby It is different in that the spinel has luster, hardness and less weight. But the price is also lower.



 people born in august is a person with a unique personality Is a person who sets goals in life by himself, elegant, active, honest, grateful, courageous, compassionate to others Doing good administrative duties Indomitable against obstacles. Peridot comes from French. Therefore, it reads, “Peridot is the birthstone of August. Peridot was first discovered in a mine in ancient Egypt. The Romans referred to peridot as “emerald of the night evening emerald has properties to eliminate depression and envy. It is good to be used to boost mental and liver energy. make the mind strong has the power to give the wearer great power and prestige



Blue Sapphire, or Thai name is "Pailin", is the gemstone of September. known as the heavenly gem According to the tradition that has been inherited, it is believed that Sapphires represent the gods they respect and was given to the king and the highest level thousands of years ago Sapphire is a gem that symbolizes benevolence. and generosity believe that anyone who possesses sapphire will make it affectionate, merciful is the faith of others to fulfill what was intended and the mind set on goodness Therefore suitable for Virgo people who love order. Work systematically, agile, arrogant in oneself and not ignoring any events. be charming are often successful in their work






Libra people are honest, peaceful, not aggressive. Is elegant, charming, suitable for Opal (Opal), a symbol of hope. purity It is a gem of mental awareness. Thus making the awareness of the surroundings more complete. Whoever possesses opal how to know in advance whether it is good or bad and protection against demons Especially dark opal or black opal and pink tourmaline (Pink Tourmaline). Ancient people believed that tourmaline. will bring good luck to its owner And can also cure some diseases as well.


Scorpio people are courageous, eloquent, ambitious, determined to achieve their goals. but gentle Both in practice and feeling, it is paired with topaz, topaz, or citrine (Citrine) with yellow gold. relationship with the sun and also promotes decision-making in the right way It also helps to increase the ability to communicate, increase enthusiasm. Encouragement and confidence, and Topaz (Topaz) found in the market is blue. It is a gem that brings good luck to its owner. It is affectionate to those who see it. protect the wearer from danger make life prosperous and abundant

People of December have an impulsive personality. Act fast like an arrow, be direct, speak thoughtfully, fear no one, make good decisions, have an optimistic outlook. Both of these gems symbolize wealth and wealth. Turquoise also has loving-kindness qualities. and help build intelligence Ancient people believed that turquoise was a stone of good luck. and was used in superstitious rituals If the turquoise changes color, it will warn the wearer of danger.