92.5% pure silver bangle, engraved design (The bracelet cannot be extended)

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92.5% pure silver bangle, plain style, engraved pattern (transparent type, not thick). The bracelet can't be extended.

(Hand made in Thailand)

- 92.5% pure silver standard

- Medium size bracelet, wrist 6.0 - 6.5" can wear.

- Diameter 5.8 cm.

- weight about 1.6 baht gold

- Bracelets can't be extended.

- This bangle is worn with Thai costumes. You can wear it to work or wear it with you all the time.

- Genuine silver, not peeling, not losing, not itchy for sure.

✳️ width 8.0 mm.

Diameter 5.8 cm. (Wrist 6.0 - 6.5")

Weight 25.00 g.

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Our silver jewelry has beautiful and contemporary designs. and suitable for fashion around the world

With a delicate and meticulous Thai production process, it is unique and has an unrivaled price. Inexpensive, suitable for owning

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