Chinese pearl pendant decorated with white sapphires

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110.00 บาท

ราคารวม 110.00 บาท



Chinese pearl pendant 11x8 mm. decorated with white sapphires

Silver pendant plated with white gold decorated with pearls and genuine gemstones.

product details

Description: Silver pendant plated with white gold decorated with pearls. It is a real pearl, beautiful white, size 11x8 mm.

Inlaid white sapphire, size 1.2 mm. and 1.5 mm., silver weight 2.99 g., case face 34x8 mm.

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Our pearl jewelry is beautiful and meticulously crafted by Thai artisans. that is highly specialized and unique With real pearls that have been taken care of using natural methods to make pearls, they are beautiful and shiny, suitable for wearing on various occasions. And the price is not expensive, very suitable for owning.

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